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Ruth Rule’s Books

Quite soon I shall be sixty.

I look back over my life.  I have not done the things I ought to have done - except a few.  I have done many things I ought not to have done, I have not been the sort of person I wish I had been.  I am not going to moan and groan and say “life has treated me badly”, because I have enjoyed, and do enjoy, far more good things than I deserve.  Particularly now - wishes have been granted which seemed like dreams some time ago.

For His Name’s Sake

There are three sorts of people in this book - in most of my stories.  Some are so incredibly good that, even though I wish I could be like that, it seems like a dream.  The second sort are more like me; should be able to be as they are at the end of the book, but I’d have to work hard at it.  The third sort are not interested in being good.  They make colourful characters!

This story explores some of the problems well-off, well intentioned people meet when they try to better the lot of others who are living in poverty and degradation.

Sweet Slavery

The struggles of someone who feels useless and unwanted.

I Don’t Trust You, God

Does God really care?